Raspberry Dream Labs (RDL) is hosting their 5th edition of the ‘UNSENSORED talks’, 2nd in the virtual reality (VR) themed “SXR Wellness: Beyond Trends” in AltspaceVR on June 25th from 18:30 BST.

‘Wellbeing’ and ‘wellness’ are trending words, especially on social media platforms, but sexual health and wellness go beyond the trend. Our sexuality, physical or mental, has a direct effect on our performance, behaviour and relationships with ourselves and others. Extended Reality (XR) offers a safe space where people can have total sexual autonomy.

Isharna Walsh: Mainstreaming Sexual Self-Improvement

Coral is an app designed for horizontal happiness. The platform helps users achieve their best intimate life through a mix of science, stories and practical exercises created by experts. In this episode, we sit down with Coral founder Isharna Walsh to discuss sexual wellness’ emergence into the mainstream, and how that is likely to impact our perspective on human sex and sexuality going forward. 

Prominent Sexual Wellness Companies Expand Digital Presence

As the world of SexTech grows and expands, sexual wellness companies are broadening their horizons and adding value to digital content. Exsens, a French company selling sexual wellness and body care products, is doing just that.

Kheper, Inc. Launches New F*ck You! Covid-19 Sucker

Kheper, Inc. is excited to announce the release of their newest candy item, the F*ck You! Covid-19 Sucker.   This item is a custom version of the F*ck You! Sucker that Kheper released at the ANME show earlier this year.

World’s First Sexual Health Tech Agency Healthy Pleasure Collective expands to The HPC Group with the launch of their Innovation LAB

Forbes featured, globally integrated sex tech agency, Healthy Pleasure Collective announce their expansion to become the HPC Group with the launch of their HPC innovation LAB.

Time to Get Serious About Sexual Wellness

Why does it seem like sex is still a giggly, silly topic that people can’t discuss openly with a straight face? Sexual wellness can be a barometer for physical, mental, and emotional health, and is a basic human need. So why all the chuckling and secrecy?

Quarantined Couple Declares Lockdown Sex is Best Ever

The sex lives of married couples are as varied as the couples themselves. We hear that some couples are barely keeping it together, stuck at home with kids, spouse, and pets for weeks at a time. Others are using the time to get down to the giggity in ways they never had before. Who says there can’t be an up-side to a pandemic?  

Healthy Pleasure Lab Seeks to Transform Sex Lives

Have you ever heard of the Clit Whisperer? Stop laughing. She’s also known as Doctor Mafe Peraza Godoy, and she’s committed to improving the sex lives of clients and customers. How?

Immersion and FeelRobotics Sign Agreement to Advance Sex Tech Devices and Content With New Interactive Two-Way Haptic Experiences

SAN JOSE, Calif. & AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Immersion Corp. (NASDAQ: IMMR), the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, and Feel Robotics B.V., a high-tech robotics company, announced the signing of a commercial agreement for the use of Immersion’s haptic software and technology stack on FeelRobotics’ cloud-based platform solution for interactive adult experiences.