Healthy Pleasure Group Propels SexTech to New Heights…of Pleasure

The SexTech industry is a vibrant, rapidly-evolving field that invites creativity and innovation. The pursuit of Sexual Wellness through science and tech seeks to propel us into a future that’s more inclusive, knowledgeable, and pleasurable.  

Tickle.Life: World’s First Sexuality Discovery Platform Introduces Marketspace for Sexual Wellbeing

Only 28% of the population rely on the web to find information satisfying only 4.1% of men and 1.9% of women. The main cause being lack of comprehensive information on sexuality, sexual wellbeing, mental health.

Sex Toys for the Over-50 Crowd at Hot Octopuss

Think all the latest innovations in SexTech are for 20-somethings? Not a chance. Just ask Joan Price—advocate for ageless sexuality and a brand ambassador for Hot Octopuss.

Is This a Good Time to Up Your Sex Game with an Online Workshop?

There’s a world of difference between the sex ed we learn in school and knowing how to have a healthy sex life with your partner. Sex ed classes in school are generally about basic puberty, followed by lessons on how not to get pregnant.

Do Consumers Need or Want “Sexual Wellness?”

Sexual Wellness is a term we didn’t really hear much a decade ago. Now? Everybody wants to get on the wellness train.

Shakun Sethi: Sexual Wellness Under One Roof

Tickle.Life is a discovery and aggregator platform for all things sexual. In this episode, we speak to the platform’s founder, Shakun Sethi, about her journey from PR businesswoman in India to SexTech industry pioneer.

Dying to Get Some? Nearly 30% of Americans Breaking Quarantine for Sex

Nobody is denying that the Coronavirus is a drag. We have to wear masks, scrub our hands raw, stay six feet away from everyone, and that was before every store in America ran out of toilet paper. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that some Americans are looking to blow off some steam.

Does Kink Bring Better Orgasms? Sex Doc Says ‘Yes, Oh God, Yes!’

It’s accepted that many women have more difficulty achieving orgasm with a partner than while masturbating. Some studies suggest that only about 30% of women routinely orgasm during penetration alone—but for men, that number is upwards of 90%. 

Tickle.Life Welcomes Dr. Ava Cadell of

Fans of sexual discovery will be thrilled to know that Dr. Ava Cadell—the Sexpert herself—has combined her talents with discovery platform Tickle.Life. This is big news.

UK & NYC Share Tips for COVID-Free Sex

As if a global pandemic wasn’t annoying enough, citizens of the UK were aghast last March when it was announced that sex between people who didn’t live together was verboten. That’s right, social distancing measures necessitated that gatherings of two or more were forbidden.