Apple Fans Rejoice as LoyalFans Remembers that iPhones Exist!

Fans of pornography, virtual reality, and even creator apps have long felt the cruel sting of incompatibility with major market tech.

Do These Legal Triumphs Add Legitimacy to SexTech? We Think So

Few industries have felt the same pushback as SexTech. It seems that no matter how valuable, unique, or innovative a product or service is—involving SexTech in the equation inspires prudes to throw up roadblocks.

Healthy Pleasure Group Propels SexTech to New Heights…of Pleasure

The SexTech industry is a vibrant, rapidly-evolving field that invites creativity and innovation. The pursuit of Sexual Wellness through science and tech seeks to propel us into a future that’s more inclusive, knowledgeable, and pleasurable.  

Working From Home? Maybe You Need an Anime Wife

Working from home is a big adjustment for employees who aren’t used to the practice. The lack of a morning commute, interactions with others, hitting the coffee shop, or chatting with coworkers in between assignments can hit us acutely if we’re not ready for it. One Japanese virtual assistant company, Gatebox Inc, has an idea for a solution.

Virtual Sexcapades, Digital Meetups, and Cyber Courtship on the Rise

So many aspects of modern life are on semi-permanent hold thanks to the pandemic. From sports to concerts to dance recitals and birthday parties—all of our favorite events are canceled, postponed, or simply forgotten in favor of sanitizing, disinfecting, hand washing, and mask donning. But what about sex?

SexTech Informs and Empowers Women

When we think of healthcare or wellness innovations, we probably think of new medications, testing equipment, or maybe apps that allow us better access to our healthcare providers.

What the Heck is a TransHumanist SexTech Startup?

Technology moves wicked fast sometimes. One can feel out of breath just trying to keep up. Now that Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are here, it seems like the whole world is in a race to see who can do the coolest things with it.

Dr. Ava Cadell to Guest on Sex Tech Connect This Sunday!

Sex Tech Connect is pleased to announce its next Special Guest, Dr. Ava Cadell, for its signature event series, “Virtual Brunch, Happy Hour, or a Late Night Drink” on July 12th. Dr. Ava is the famed founder of Loveology University and

The Future of SexTech from a Venerated Futurist

As any adult can tell you, new technology can be as frustrating as it is impressive. The awe and wonder of new technology fills us with hope for amazing things to come, but when we finally get that tech and learn that the Bluetooth won’t stay connected and the battery isn’t holding a charge—we’re reminded that there’s a downside to relying on technology.

Finally—Satisfyer Connect is Here!

What would you say to an app that’s designed to help you and your partner connect no matter where you are, and in over 30 different languages? What if that app also could use Bluetooth to link up to any number of hot sex toys?