Advancements in Stripping? Yes, You Read that Right!

If there’s one thing everyone should know about sex workers—it’s that they take care of their own. When times are tough, those in the sex industry tend to advocate, uplift, and protect their contemporaries.

‘Dangerous and Destructive’ EARN IT Act Movies Forward to Senate

If every sex worker you encounter seems like they’re in a bad mood, that might be because the EARN IT act is still being pushed forward by Senator Lindsey Graham.

COVID Concerns Cause Postponement in Backpage Trial

Sex work is a tough industry, and its public perception is awash in misunderstandings. That’s why events like the 2018 shutdown of hit so many in the industry so hard.

Adult.Law Offers Legal Expertise to Sex Workers

Sex Work is often called ‘the oldest profession.’ It’s also a wildly popular one. But as many types of sex work are still illegal in much of the world, it makes sense that adult performers and others will occasionally need legal advice.

Key Takeaways from International Whore’s Day

June 2, 2020 marks the 45th anniversary of International Whore’s Day (IWD). This annual event began as a protest by French sex workers against the rampant police brutality to which they were subjected. Throughout history, revolutionary changes have come from demonstrations and protests. In our society, simply existing as a sex worker can be a revolutionary act.

Virtual Rally Celebrates Whores Around the World

This June marks the 45th anniversary of International Whores Day. Sure, that might sound like a sick burn on your mom, but it’s actually a worldwide event focusing on the rights of sex workers around the world.

Federal Discrimination Against Sex Workers—Still?

The recent stimulus bill promising loans or grants for small businesses comes as a welcome relief to many industries. If you’re a sex worker though—even a legal one—you’re out of luck when it comes to the federal stimulus checks. 

New York Welcomes Pop-Up Museum Celebrating Sex Work

Few jobs are as maligned and misunderstood as sex work. Escorts, phone sex operators, and even sexual surrogates are routinely scrutinized, judged, and treated as underserving of dignity and protection.