Virtual Orgasm Coach—Need We Say More?

Plenty of things can keep humans from having orgasms: stress, medications, lack of awareness of our own bodies. But there are steps we can take if we want to invest some effort (and money) into better sexual health.

Pipedream Products Launches Elite Distribution Partnership Program

What does it take to be an ‘elite distributor’ of adult products? According to Pipedream, it requires passing a rigorous selection process, demonstrated knowledge of products and customers, strong leadership, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Dearth of Lesbian-Focused Sex Toys Inspires Innovation

Why should it matter if sex toys are marketed specifically to lesbians? Some have asked this question, and it definitely deserves an answer.

Comically Long 3-Foot Strap-On for COVID-Safe Sex is a Real Thing

If you’re in one of those countries still quarantined thanks to an unflattened curve—the cabin fever may be getting extreme. While married or otherwise cohabitating couples haven’t had to do without, those casually dating or playing the field haven’t been able to safely hook up in months.

Fans of the Clitoris Rejoice: We-Vibe Nova2 On Sale August 4th

The launch of a great new sex toy warrants praise and notice. But the We-Vibe Nova 2 may also necessitate parties, festivals, even a parade.

Sex Toys for the Over-50 Crowd at Hot Octopuss

Think all the latest innovations in SexTech are for 20-somethings? Not a chance. Just ask Joan Price—advocate for ageless sexuality and a brand ambassador for Hot Octopuss.

Is This New Tesla Device Better than Road Head?

To hear most of my friends tell it, the best reason to get a self-driving car is so sex can happen on the way to the destination. Makes sense, but what if COVID is keeping you from getting your giggity on with a partner?

Pipedream Products Opens Netherlands Distribution Center

Pipedream is a California-based company specializing in adult products. If their name sounds familiar, maybe that’s because they’ve won a few awards for innovation. They also gave away free vibes and ben-wa massagers to COVID first responders, and have revamped several well-known sex toys for men.

Women-Led Gisele International Forms Global Marketing Force

Gisele International, a new female-led startup, is poised to become a strategic sales and marketing force in European markets. The founders include CEO Lisa Sananes, CCO Julie Bonnet, and COO Anne-Noelle Bertel—who have a collective 15 years of industry experience.

Lelo Study Signals Growing Orgasm Gap

Last week was National Orgasm Day. If you missed it, you’re not alone. You’re probably also a woman, because according to a new study by Lelo, men are still having more orgasms during sex than women.