Survey Reveals the Obvious—People Are Masturbating on the Regular

Good Vibrations is a company that has led the way in bringing honest, open sexual discussion into the mainstream. Their catalogs, which premiered in the 1990’s, brought intimate knowledge to thousands of adult women who didn’t even realize how little they knew about their own bodies.

‘Sustain’ Addresses a Critical Lack of Sexual Knowledge

Most people don’t know that the United States does not have standardized guidelines for sex education in public schools. Depending on your state, city, and even the individual instructor, what kids are actually taught about sexuality, masturbation, or contraception can vary widely.

Sex Ed is Not Just for Teenagers: Adults Need it Too!

It’s probably been a while since someone first explained to you what menstruation is, or why that boy in your class is always holding a book in front of his pants. But there’s far more to sexual knowledge than a passable understanding of the so-called birds and bees.

Naked Sex Ed Teachers in New Zealand?

They say teens have shorter attention spans than ever. Maybe that’s why the government of New Zealand is getting serious about helping them pay attention during sexual education classes.

Suzi Godson Reflects on Two Decades as a Sex Writer

As this writer can tell you, being a sex writer is a wild gig. We get to test sex toys “for work,” watch porn as research and use all manner of hilarious phrases to describe sex acts as a matter of course.

Nu Sensuelle & Sex With Emily is a Winning Combination

Dr. Emily Morse is well-known among fans of sex and sexuality podcasts. That’s one of the reasons Nu Sensuelle is teaming up with her for their new ad campaign. The company’s hope is to increase brand awareness and promote its line of rabbit and bullet vibes.

What Does a Sex Educator Do All Day? Ask Liz Goldwyn

Author and filmmaker Liz Goldwyn is committed to sexual wellness. Goldwyn’s app, The Sex Ed, has one goal: inspiring discussions about sex and sexual wellness.  

10 Twitter Babes Talking About Sex Ed

Thinking back to sex-ed (or as some schools called it—‘reproductive health’) classes, do you feel you got complete, factual information that actually helped you have a better sex life? Probably not, right? Fewer than half of all US states mandate sex ed, and even fewer have specific guidelines for what may or may not be covered.  

Can VR Hip Movement Training Make You Better at Sex?

We all tend to think we’re pretty good at sex. Still, we’d probably all like to be a little bit better. But who has time to go to a sexy summer camp to learn new advancements in um…sexing? Real life partners Tamar and Ninja feel your pain, and they’re here to help. Sex Tech Guide reveals that these Dutch innovators […]