Whitney Cummings RealDoll Sells for $100,000

How much would you pay for a sex doll? If you said anything less than $100,000, then an AI RealDoll in the likeness of comedian Whitney Cummings is out of your reach.

Another Sex Doll Engagement? Is This Becoming a Hot New Wedding Trend?

A bodybuilder in Kazakhstan has proposed to his girlfriend Margo after seeing her for only 8 months. Normally one’s friends would caution against a lifelong commitment after dating for under a year. But we suspect that Yuri Tolochko’s buddies may have other concerns. You see, Margo is a sex doll.

Silicone Sex Dolls—Now With Moans!

When you ask most people what they want in a sex doll, you’ll likely hear a lot about appearance. Users likely have a preference for breast size or general body shape, but very few men consider how they want their adult companion toy to sound. That may be changing. 

Skyrocketing Sales of Sex Dolls? Not For the Reasons You May Think!

Quarantine has led to boom times for SexTech items, as adults are staying inside en masse to invest in a better sex life. Vibrators, sex furniture, bondage kits and sex dolls are all flying off of virtual shelves and finding their way into homes all over the world.

Football Club Expresses Regret for Sex Doll Stunt

It can be tricky to find the right creative solution to precautions put in place to mitigate Coronavirus. The world of sports is particularly hard hit as a lack of spectators makes the games less exciting. One sports team found a creative workaround to that problem, which they are now apologizing for. 

Michigan AG Expresses Disappointment at Not Investing in Sex Dolls

Michigan was one of the first states to go on lockdown amid efforts to flatten the curve of new Coronavirus cases. Suddenly, schools closed, and non-essential businesses shuttered. Restaurants and movie theaters were barred from letting people in, and even those businesses that stayed open reduced hours. A once bustling state became a ghost town in a matter of a few days.

Are Kiddie Sex Dolls a Potential Cure for Pedophilia? Not Really

Let’s just get this out there: people are making sex dolls that look like children. This type of gynoid (a female doll made for fucking) has many non-pedophiles understandably upset. Won’t this normalize, or even encourage, the idea of sex with children, they ask. On the other side of this outrage are doctors suggesting that the dolls might be prescribed to pedophiles by medical professionals as a means to develop empathy for children.

London Sex Party Raises Expectations—and the Roof

If you think Brits are subdued, sexually repressed tea-drinking nerds, you might be surprised to hear that they throw wicked sex parties in London.  You might be more surprised to learn that those parties are off the chain! Future of Sex reports that Raspberry Dream Labs organized the sexbot event, and that fans totally dug it. RDL is a collection […]

Silicone Lovers Gives Us Sex Dolls with Real Human Hair

Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Probably. What we do know is that many men have a fixation about the hair of the women they date.