PornHub Branding Strikes Again—with Hand Sanitizer

Given the proliferation of porn fans across the world, one might wonder why a company like PornHub advertises at all. Surely everybody already knows about it? In the world of online adult content, however, PornHub has some stiff competition—pun intended!

Young M.A.: Rapper, Porn Director, Brand Ambassador

It’s hard to believe how many people are still unfamiliar with Katorah Marrero, AKA Young MA. She was at the center of a 2014 controversy over gun violence in rap lyrics. A character in Empire was based on her, and she’s an openly gay female rapper with experience directing porn films.

Pornhub Offers Premium Lovers Membership for Couples

Some couples are great communicators, in that they find it super easy to sit down and casually chat about their sexual fantasies, curiosities, and even dissatisfaction with their partner’s technique. Other couples, not so much.

Pornhub Celebrates National Masturbation Day with Hilarious Video

Nobody is shocked that PornHub wanted to celebrate Masturbation Day. In fact, we might be more shocked that Masturbation Day exists than that PornHub would give it some hype. Because PornHub knows their customer base, the video they loosed on us is hilarious and deals effectively with the topic in a contemporary setting.

PornHub Capitalizes on Coronavirus Isolation

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Those words are being heeded at PornHub, which is offering free membership to Italian citizens until April 3rd. The move is intended to curry good favor with the quarantined population, and help build some brand awareness during a time of social isolation.

Petition Accuses PornHub of Failing to Protect Victims of Rape and Abuse

PornHub, the largest pornography distributor in the world, is currently under intense scrutiny over amateur videos on its site. Some of these depict rape, abuse, coercion, and sex with minors.