New Support Program for Independent Content Creators

Being an independent entrepreneur offers freedom. Setting your own work hours, not having a boss, choosing your dress code and creating your own content exactly how you want it? That’s the dream.

France Deploys New Age-Verification Tech

When we think of the French, sexual prudishness doesn’t generally follow. But they may have their pantaloons in a bunch over how many children have easy access to online porn.

XBIZ Launches Community Content Video Platform

The announcement of XBIZ’s community content video platform is bound to be big news for creators, performers, and anybody who is serious about branding.

OnlyFans Deactivates Sex Worker Accounts

The Coronavirus has been financially devastating for industries across the board. While some businesses receive government help, and taxpayers may be eligible for extended unemployment or stimulus checks—sex workers are left out of the conversation.

Music Industry-Led Streaming Case Leads to DCMA Enforcement Changes

When it comes to adult content, piracy takes money directly from the hands of creators. Piracy is a crime just like most types of theft, but until recently, enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was limited in the US. That could be coming to an end.

New ‘Fingerprinting’ Tech Catches Porn Piracy

While some still think of internet piracy as a harmless act, it can cause a lot of damage to performers, content creators, sites hosts, and anyone who intended to make money from the work they create. Piracy is also very difficult to track—especially given how many people engage in it.

The High-Def World of Uncompressed Porn Comes to SexLikeReal

Whether you’re a huge camera nerd or you just have an eye for good content, you’ll be thrilled to learn that SexLikeReal is now supporting RAW video export.

Bucharest Summit 2020 to be Held in October

Much of the world may still be on lockdown, but Bucharest Summit 2020 is still going forward. The Bucharest summit is the largest European business event, which covers digital and entertainment services.

xHamster Fundraiser to Benefit Charities for Sex Workers and Trans Folk

Next to PornHub, xHamster is probably the most well-known name in adult internet content. Their cam features are especially robust and represent a plethora of preferences, orientations, and tastes.

Total Hentai Anime Studio Joins Forces with Adult Time

Fans of Japanese animation are about to lose their collective minds, as industry leader Total Hentai joins the Adult Time streaming platform.