Facebook Drops Support for Oculus Go VR Headset

Facebook isn’t just a leader in the world of monetizing social media use. They’re also a leader in making sure we can’t have nice things. This time, they’re ending support for the Oculus Go headset—the only VR headset a lot of fans can afford.

Finally—Satisfyer Connect is Here!

What would you say to an app that’s designed to help you and your partner connect no matter where you are, and in over 30 different languages? What if that app also could use Bluetooth to link up to any number of hot sex toys?

Affordable VR Sex for Men? Finally!

For every science fiction scene featuring a walking, talking sex doll of the future, there are hundreds of men wondering when they can get one.

Looking to Support Black-Owned Businesses? Get a New Sex Toy!

Now is a great time to look for ways to support people of color, even if you aren’t ready to take to the streets. Spending your money at black-owned businesses sends a message of solidarity and support—not to mention you can wind up with some cool new stuff.

Fantasy Match Invites Users to Learn, Play, Flirt

Companies combining adult content with education are cropping up all over—and they’ve come a long way from the informative Good Vibrations catalogs of the 90s.

Kheper Games, Inc. Launches Two New Party Games; What If…? And More Extreme Personal Questions

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the release of two new party games for intimate game nights or Zoom or other video chat play.  Both games offer 400 questions and are called What If…? And More Extreme Personal Questions.

Pornhub Offers Premium Lovers Membership for Couples

Some couples are great communicators, in that they find it super easy to sit down and casually chat about their sexual fantasies, curiosities, and even dissatisfaction with their partner’s technique. Other couples, not so much.

SextPanther—Not Just an Anchorman Joke

The internet makes it easier than ever to contact famous people—musicians, athletes, even politicians. But how do you know whether you’re talking to the real person or a marketing staffer, poser, or troll? SextPanther has the solution.

The World’s First Intimacy System Has Arrived

Virtual Mate’s Virtual Lover is finally shipping. This crowdfunded VR game connects a Fleshlight-like virtual stroker to a VR girlfriend on your phone, PC, tablet or VR headset.

Will AI Humans be the Stuff of Our Dreams?

How many horror stories begin or end with the desire to bring someone back from the dead? Lots. And it never ends well.