Audio Porn Startup Offers Non-Seedy Option for Adult Content

Like many women in SexTech, Caroline Spiegel got there by exploring her need to…get there. The search for bigger, better orgasms has led many women into an industry where Sexual Health is King—err, Queen.

UK Government Invests in Sex Party Company

Surely a headline like ‘UK Government Invests in sex party company’ seems like fake news. But it’s true—making the global news landscape a little more surreal.

What the Heck is a TransHumanist SexTech Startup?

Technology moves wicked fast sometimes. One can feel out of breath just trying to keep up. Now that Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are here, it seems like the whole world is in a race to see who can do the coolest things with it.

Is This New Tesla Device Better than Road Head?

To hear most of my friends tell it, the best reason to get a self-driving car is so sex can happen on the way to the destination. Makes sense, but what if COVID is keeping you from getting your giggity on with a partner?

Asa Akira Replicant Looks Scarily Real

Has there ever been a more sci-fi word than ‘Replicant?’ It’s literally a robot that looks so much like an actual, existing person, that we humans almost can’t tell the difference. In fact, that “almost” is getting to be unnecessary as fans take more and more time to compare reality to robotics and determine which is alive.

Got a Spare $15,000? An AI SexBot Can Be Yours

Who says men don’t like intelligent women? Customers are lining up for the new RealDoll. They say she looks like a ‘surgically enhanced porn star.’ She also comes replete with ultra-modern AI technology, so she might even be up for a game of chess.

Are Your Sex Toys ‘Animal Crossing’ Compatible?

Gamers everywhere can’t shut up about Animal Crossing. It’s a kind of virtual reality space where adults and kids from all over the world can hang out, party, and do…um…game stuff.

Will Sex Robots Fundamentally Change Us?

Whether we call them sex dolls, gynoids, or advanced AI companions with realistic genitals—sex robots are available now. Their features can range from a totally lifelike appearance, to self-lubricating genitals, to the ability to have simple conversations.

Niche Dating Apps—Plentiful and Effective

There was a time in our history when the idea of taking out a “personals ad” to find a date was the mark of a lonely, desperate loser. We now know that one can be smart, savvy and super-hot, and still use dating apps to find a partner.

The High-Def World of Uncompressed Porn Comes to SexLikeReal

Whether you’re a huge camera nerd or you just have an eye for good content, you’ll be thrilled to learn that SexLikeReal is now supporting RAW video export.