Touchable Holograms Lend a New Dimension to Sex Tech

The world reeled when National Geographic magazine introduced holograms in 1984, when the memorable image of a spectral eagle captured the eyes of the world. As incredible as holographic technology is, it’s still just a picture. It’s visual. We can’t feel, hear, or touch it—right? Actually…

Can Holodexxx Virtual Playmates Curb Horniness and Loneliness?

The first episode of a new virtual reality platform, Holodexxx Home, has dropped. As of January 2020, fans can now interact with virtual playmate “Lady Euphoria,” who is customizable.

Augmented Reality Porn: Coming Soon to Wherever You Are.

If a technology exists, someone will find a way to use it for sex. Whether it’s a terrifying electric vibrator from the 1920’s, or a Betamax player (just kidding—Betamax didn’t allow porn, which is why VHS won the video cassette wars), somebody wants to use hot new tech items for sex or porn.

Are Erobots the Next Step in Astronaut Sex? Probably.

Every kid dreams about being an astronaut at some point. The big silver suits, drinking Tang for breakfast, and of course, walking on other planets. What those kids might not have dreamed of, is what happens when astronauts get randy. In fact, NASA would tell you that no astronauts have ever had sex on a space mission. Really?

VR Porn is Moving Beyond Reality

Porn has long sought to simulate reality. That’s been true since the advent of the genre, way back in The Stone Age (we imagine those first nudie rock paintings only came so close to realistic sex).

Oculus Quest and Porn: A Match Made in VR Heaven

Facebook’s Oculus Quest does more than just VR gaming – the revolutionary headset allows access to VR porn as well.

Sex on a Bicycle? How About Sex With a Bicycle…?

Erotic webcam site CamSoda has developed a bike seat with a built-in vibrator, for sexual satisfaction on the go, or even while stationary.

Lora DiCarlo Wasn’t the Only Winner at CES This Year

CES 2020 will forever be known as the year that Lora DiCarlo was re-awarded the Innovation Award for her Ose dual-massager prototype.