Apple Fans Rejoice as LoyalFans Remembers that iPhones Exist!

Fans of pornography, virtual reality, and even creator apps have long felt the cruel sting of incompatibility with major market tech.

New Support Program for Independent Content Creators

Being an independent entrepreneur offers freedom. Setting your own work hours, not having a boss, choosing your dress code and creating your own content exactly how you want it? That’s the dream.

XBIZ Launches Community Content Video Platform

The announcement of XBIZ’s community content video platform is bound to be big news for creators, performers, and anybody who is serious about branding.

Working From Home? Maybe You Need an Anime Wife

Working from home is a big adjustment for employees who aren’t used to the practice. The lack of a morning commute, interactions with others, hitting the coffee shop, or chatting with coworkers in between assignments can hit us acutely if we’re not ready for it. One Japanese virtual assistant company, Gatebox Inc, has an idea for a solution.

Virtual Orgasm Coach—Need We Say More?

Plenty of things can keep humans from having orgasms: stress, medications, lack of awareness of our own bodies. But there are steps we can take if we want to invest some effort (and money) into better sexual health.

Whitney Cummings RealDoll Sells for $100,000

How much would you pay for a sex doll? If you said anything less than $100,000, then an AI RealDoll in the likeness of comedian Whitney Cummings is out of your reach.

Lora DiCarlo Releases Third Robotic Pleasure Device With a Focus on Clitoral Stimulation

Lora DiCarlo, the consumer robotics and sexual wellness company, today released Baci, the latest award-winning microrobotics and bio-mimetic pleasure device in the Osé family of products.

PornHub Branding Strikes Again—with Hand Sanitizer

Given the proliferation of porn fans across the world, one might wonder why a company like PornHub advertises at all. Surely everybody already knows about it? In the world of online adult content, however, PornHub has some stiff competition—pun intended!

Comically Long 3-Foot Strap-On for COVID-Safe Sex is a Real Thing

If you’re in one of those countries still quarantined thanks to an unflattened curve—the cabin fever may be getting extreme. While married or otherwise cohabitating couples haven’t had to do without, those casually dating or playing the field haven’t been able to safely hook up in months.

Fans of the Clitoris Rejoice: We-Vibe Nova2 On Sale August 4th

The launch of a great new sex toy warrants praise and notice. But the We-Vibe Nova 2 may also necessitate parties, festivals, even a parade.