Healthy Pleasure Group Propels SexTech to New Heights…of Pleasure

The SexTech industry is a vibrant, rapidly-evolving field that invites creativity and innovation. The pursuit of Sexual Wellness through science and tech seeks to propel us into a future that’s more inclusive, knowledgeable, and pleasurable.  

SexTech and Disability—Why These Markets Matter

Everyone enjoys sex—or could, if they had access to the right products and solutions. Most SexTech is designed with able-bodied consumers in mind, which begs the question: What about the disabled market?

We spoke to leaders at three prominent adult product companies to examine the state of SexTech in terms of accessibility and meeting the needs of those with disabilities. Andrew Gurza, Chief Disability Officer at Handi; Dr. Soum Rakshit, Co-Founder and CEO of Mystery Vibe, and AJ Vitaro, President of Zen by Design.

Key Takeaways from International Whore’s Day

June 2, 2020 marks the 45th anniversary of International Whore’s Day (IWD). This annual event began as a protest by French sex workers against the rampant police brutality to which they were subjected. Throughout history, revolutionary changes have come from demonstrations and protests. In our society, simply existing as a sex worker can be a revolutionary act.

Highlights from the Women of Sex Tech 2020 Virtual Conference

On May 2nd 2020, Women of Sex Tech held a virtual conference to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. It was a five-hour long event with prominent SexTech speakers, performers, and attendees from around the world. I had the good fortune to attend (from home, sans-mask) and found the five-hour event to be both educational and inspiring.

Dan Savage Discusses COVID-19 Sex & Relationships on Bill Maher

Savage Love sex columnist Dan Savage was a guest on this past Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Savage discussed some pertinent lockdown issues, including ‘permission slips’ for hookups, and who has it worse: singles living alone and feeling lonely, or couples living together and driving each other crazy? 

Key Takeaways from the FemTech Focus Q&A with Pink Ceiling Founder Cindy Eckert

On May 6th, FemTech Focus interviewed Cindy Eckert, founder of Sprout Pharmaceuticals. Sprout created ADDYI, otherwise known as ‘female Viagra.’ The company was sold for over $1B to Valeant Pharmaceuticals, before shareholders – including Cindy – repurchased the company in 2017. Cindy is also the founder of Pink Ceiling Accelerator, which supports groundbreaking businesses by and for women.

A Moment of Opportunity: How the COVID-19 Crisis Could Propel SexTech into the Mainstream

On November 9, 1989, Paul-Gerhard Ritter, managing director of the Coca-Cola bottler in Lichterfelde, West Germany, learned that the Berlin Wall was on its way down. Until that point, Coca-Cola had been outlawed in East Germany, where authorities considered the classic American beverage to be a “symbol of imperialist power.” But Ritter knew a marketing opportunity when he saw one.