Anti-SexBot Advocates Exist. But Why?

If you ask CASR what they do, they’ll tell you that they protect women’s rights and shine a light on the harm that gynoids can cause. In reality, the Campaign Against Sex Robots sounds like a bunch of Karens demanding the manager do something about the kind of sex other people are having.

Do Consumers Need or Want “Sexual Wellness?”

Sexual Wellness is a term we didn’t really hear much a decade ago. Now? Everybody wants to get on the wellness train.

COVID Concerns Cause Postponement in Backpage Trial

Sex work is a tough industry, and its public perception is awash in misunderstandings. That’s why events like the 2018 shutdown of hit so many in the industry so hard.

Aspirational Culture Goals with Cindy Gallop

Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world forever? It’s hard to argue that it hasn’t. As Cindy Gallop can explain—adversity drives opportunity

The Future of SexTech from a Venerated Futurist

As any adult can tell you, new technology can be as frustrating as it is impressive. The awe and wonder of new technology fills us with hope for amazing things to come, but when we finally get that tech and learn that the Bluetooth won’t stay connected and the battery isn’t holding a charge—we’re reminded that there’s a downside to relying on technology.

Mia Khalifa and K-Pop Fans Unite to Take on PornHub

As recently as early 2019, Mia Khalifa was a celebrated figure in the sex industry. She left a fast-food job to pursue porn, became the hottest draw on PornHub for a brief time, then appeared to wink out of existence.

Some Practical Tips for Sex Toy Customers

Sexual mores are always changing. If you’re not actively on the dating scene, it can be hard to stay current. One of the biggest changes of the last few years is how much more comfortable people are with sex toys.

Advocates Assemble to Stop Passage of EARN IT Act

Next week, the Senate votes on a bill called the EARN It Act. It was sponsored by Lindsay Graham and is opposed pretty much unanimously by sex worker advocacy groups and proponents of free speech.

Sex Ed is Not Just for Teenagers: Adults Need it Too!

It’s probably been a while since someone first explained to you what menstruation is, or why that boy in your class is always holding a book in front of his pants. But there’s far more to sexual knowledge than a passable understanding of the so-called birds and bees.

Dying to Get Some? Nearly 30% of Americans Breaking Quarantine for Sex

Nobody is denying that the Coronavirus is a drag. We have to wear masks, scrub our hands raw, stay six feet away from everyone, and that was before every store in America ran out of toilet paper. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that some Americans are looking to blow off some steam.