SexTech Informs and Empowers Women

When we think of healthcare or wellness innovations, we probably think of new medications, testing equipment, or maybe apps that allow us better access to our healthcare providers.

Sex Toys for the Over-50 Crowd at Hot Octopuss

Think all the latest innovations in SexTech are for 20-somethings? Not a chance. Just ask Joan Price—advocate for ageless sexuality and a brand ambassador for Hot Octopuss.

‘Dangerous and Destructive’ EARN IT Act Movies Forward to Senate

If every sex worker you encounter seems like they’re in a bad mood, that might be because the EARN IT act is still being pushed forward by Senator Lindsey Graham.

Pipedream Products Opens Netherlands Distribution Center

Pipedream is a California-based company specializing in adult products. If their name sounds familiar, maybe that’s because they’ve won a few awards for innovation. They also gave away free vibes and ben-wa massagers to COVID first responders, and have revamped several well-known sex toys for men.

Is This a Good Time to Up Your Sex Game with an Online Workshop?

There’s a world of difference between the sex ed we learn in school and knowing how to have a healthy sex life with your partner. Sex ed classes in school are generally about basic puberty, followed by lessons on how not to get pregnant.

Dr. Ava Cadell to Guest on Sex Tech Connect This Sunday!

Sex Tech Connect is pleased to announce its next Special Guest, Dr. Ava Cadell, for its signature event series, “Virtual Brunch, Happy Hour, or a Late Night Drink” on July 12th. Dr. Ava is the famed founder of Loveology University and

Women-Led Gisele International Forms Global Marketing Force

Gisele International, a new female-led startup, is poised to become a strategic sales and marketing force in European markets. The founders include CEO Lisa Sananes, CCO Julie Bonnet, and COO Anne-Noelle Bertel—who have a collective 15 years of industry experience.

Music Industry-Led Streaming Case Leads to DCMA Enforcement Changes

When it comes to adult content, piracy takes money directly from the hands of creators. Piracy is a crime just like most types of theft, but until recently, enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was limited in the US. That could be coming to an end.

New ‘Fingerprinting’ Tech Catches Porn Piracy

While some still think of internet piracy as a harmless act, it can cause a lot of damage to performers, content creators, sites hosts, and anyone who intended to make money from the work they create. Piracy is also very difficult to track—especially given how many people engage in it.

Lelo Study Signals Growing Orgasm Gap

Last week was National Orgasm Day. If you missed it, you’re not alone. You’re probably also a woman, because according to a new study by Lelo, men are still having more orgasms during sex than women.