Do These Legal Triumphs Add Legitimacy to SexTech? We Think So

Few industries have felt the same pushback as SexTech. It seems that no matter how valuable, unique, or innovative a product or service is—involving SexTech in the equation inspires prudes to throw up roadblocks.

France Deploys New Age-Verification Tech

When we think of the French, sexual prudishness doesn’t generally follow. But they may have their pantaloons in a bunch over how many children have easy access to online porn.

Virtual Sexcapades, Digital Meetups, and Cyber Courtship on the Rise

So many aspects of modern life are on semi-permanent hold thanks to the pandemic. From sports to concerts to dance recitals and birthday parties—all of our favorite events are canceled, postponed, or simply forgotten in favor of sanitizing, disinfecting, hand washing, and mask donning. But what about sex?

Pipedream Products Launches Elite Distribution Partnership Program

What does it take to be an ‘elite distributor’ of adult products? According to Pipedream, it requires passing a rigorous selection process, demonstrated knowledge of products and customers, strong leadership, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

OnlyFans Deactivates Sex Worker Accounts

The Coronavirus has been financially devastating for industries across the board. While some businesses receive government help, and taxpayers may be eligible for extended unemployment or stimulus checks—sex workers are left out of the conversation.

Tickle.Life: World’s First Sexuality Discovery Platform Introduces Marketspace for Sexual Wellbeing

Only 28% of the population rely on the web to find information satisfying only 4.1% of men and 1.9% of women. The main cause being lack of comprehensive information on sexuality, sexual wellbeing, mental health.

Advancements in Stripping? Yes, You Read that Right!

If there’s one thing everyone should know about sex workers—it’s that they take care of their own. When times are tough, those in the sex industry tend to advocate, uplift, and protect their contemporaries.

Survey Reveals the Obvious—People Are Masturbating on the Regular

Good Vibrations is a company that has led the way in bringing honest, open sexual discussion into the mainstream. Their catalogs, which premiered in the 1990’s, brought intimate knowledge to thousands of adult women who didn’t even realize how little they knew about their own bodies.

‘Sustain’ Addresses a Critical Lack of Sexual Knowledge

Most people don’t know that the United States does not have standardized guidelines for sex education in public schools. Depending on your state, city, and even the individual instructor, what kids are actually taught about sexuality, masturbation, or contraception can vary widely.

Dearth of Lesbian-Focused Sex Toys Inspires Innovation

Why should it matter if sex toys are marketed specifically to lesbians? Some have asked this question, and it definitely deserves an answer.