Audio Pornography? Do people Really Want Porn You Can’t See?

When we think of porn, we definitely think of visual content. Still pics, GIFs, videos, and even high-tech content like VR or AI. Whatever it is, porn consumers tend to use their eyes to take it in. But what if you aren’t able to use your eyes, or you’re just more into listening?

New York Welcomes Pop-Up Museum Celebrating Sex Work

Few jobs are as maligned and misunderstood as sex work. Escorts, phone sex operators, and even sexual surrogates are routinely scrutinized, judged, and treated as underserving of dignity and protection.

Sex Toys for Men Have Come a Long Way

If you follow the world of retail marital aids, you already know that while visually stimulating content is most commonly made for men—physically stimulating content is developed with women in mind.

VR Sex is Here, So When Do We Get Past the Vanilla Stuff?

Virtual reality porn is, for all intents and purposes, up and running. VR content like the Virtual Girlfriend Experience and others are already taking the porn world by storm.

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light—The Sex Toy Revolution

There was once a time that vibrators were marketed as literally anything except sex toys. Catalogs that sold them often showed a lady rubbing the clearly phallic battery-operated object up to her face (yes, her face) while the copy talked of muscle tension and neck pains. Did anybody really believe that? Maybe.

Touchable Holograms Lend a New Dimension to Sex Tech

The world reeled when National Geographic magazine introduced holograms in 1984, when the memorable image of a spectral eagle captured the eyes of the world. As incredible as holographic technology is, it’s still just a picture. It’s visual. We can’t feel, hear, or touch it—right? Actually…

FemTech Added to 2020 SxTech Conference in Berlin

Berlin’s annual SxTech EU conference is a big deal in the sex industry. The event’s purpose is to celebrate and advance innovation in sex tech. In September, the event promises to host hundreds of participants, two dozen exhibitors, and numerous speakers from all over the world, and up to 30 different sex tech startups.

Can Holodexxx Virtual Playmates Curb Horniness and Loneliness?

The first episode of a new virtual reality platform, Holodexxx Home, has dropped. As of January 2020, fans can now interact with virtual playmate “Lady Euphoria,” who is customizable.

Augmented Reality Porn: Coming Soon to Wherever You Are.

If a technology exists, someone will find a way to use it for sex. Whether it’s a terrifying electric vibrator from the 1920’s, or a Betamax player (just kidding—Betamax didn’t allow porn, which is why VHS won the video cassette wars), somebody wants to use hot new tech items for sex or porn.

Healthy Pleasure Lab Seeks to Transform Sex Lives

Have you ever heard of the Clit Whisperer? Stop laughing. She’s also known as Doctor Mafe Peraza Godoy, and she’s committed to improving the sex lives of clients and customers. How?