Defining Realism in the Sexiest VR Games

What is it that makes a sex-themed VR game the most “real?” Is it graphics that can be confused with flesh and blood people? Do users demand realism in the form of positions and gravity? Is the realness dependent on forming a relationship with your favorite character?

Touchable Holograms Take Virtual Sex to New Heights

Sussex, UK might not seem like much of a party town. But what if we told you that the future of virtual sex was in development there?

Vibrators—the Tool for a Happy Quarantine!

One of the cool things about a crisis is seeing friends and neighbors step up to take care of each other. Disney+ dropped the Frozen sequel early to help parents deal with kids suddenly home from school for weeks. Internet memes joke about the baby boom we’re sure to see by the end of the year. But what about people stuck at home without a partner? Don’t worry—BBoutique has got your back.

Coronavirus Creates Boom Times—For Porn and Cam Girls

With all the news of canceled concerts, sporting events, comic cons, and festivals—one might wonder if any businesses are still afloat. Well, the pornography industry would like us all to know that they’re doing just fine.

Silicone Lovers Gives Us Sex Dolls with Real Human Hair

Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Probably. What we do know is that many men have a fixation about the hair of the women they date.

Trailblazing Women of Sex Tech Embrace Non-Profit Status

Women of Sex Tech (AKA WoST) was formed in 2015 under the guise of providing support and networking opportunities for women in sex tech. Bringing female-identifying sex tech entrepreneurs together to share their professional expertise and outside resources is an exciting step forward in the industry.

‘For Play’ Project Offers Polygamy, Art, and Anonymity

One of the most exciting things about advancements in sex tech is finding ways to do things that would seem irresponsible or dangerous in real-world circumstances. Some things, tempting though they may be, feel like the sexual equivalent of swimming in shark-infested waters or a relaxing game of Russian roulette.

Social Isolation Hampering Your Sex Life? You’re Not Alone—Figuratively

If you’re not partnered up but would sorely like to be, the last thing you need is a pandemic making it harder to meet new people. And yet, here we are.

Not Your Mother’s Vibe: How Sex Tech is Changing Orgasms Forever

Lora DiCarlo has some ideas about sex. She has even more ideas about masturbation, and specifically the best ways to get the job done. DiCarlo, CEO of an eponymously named startup, is tired of the same old phallic toys. One reason she cites, is that such toys are designed by men and may not reflect the kind of sensation, customization, or aesthetic that women are looking for.

Turn on Those High Beams—Literally—with Light-Up Breast Implants

If you ask Naomi Wu, she will tell you that she is a “transhumanist.” She uses social media, under the name SexyCyborg, to explore the intersection between human sexuality and sex tech. Is Wu giving us a look at what future sexiness or body modification will look like? She’s confident that she is.