Lora DiCarlo Releases Third Robotic Pleasure Device With a Focus on Clitoral Stimulation

Lora DiCarlo, the consumer robotics and sexual wellness company, today released Baci, the latest award-winning microrobotics and bio-mimetic pleasure device in the Osé family of products.

Tickle.Life: World’s First Sexuality Discovery Platform Introduces Marketspace for Sexual Wellbeing

Only 28% of the population rely on the web to find information satisfying only 4.1% of men and 1.9% of women. The main cause being lack of comprehensive information on sexuality, sexual wellbeing, mental health.

‘Sustain’ Addresses a Critical Lack of Sexual Knowledge

Most people don’t know that the United States does not have standardized guidelines for sex education in public schools. Depending on your state, city, and even the individual instructor, what kids are actually taught about sexuality, masturbation, or contraception can vary widely.

Dr. Ava Cadell to Guest on Sex Tech Connect This Sunday!

Sex Tech Connect is pleased to announce its next Special Guest, Dr. Ava Cadell, for its signature event series, “Virtual Brunch, Happy Hour, or a Late Night Drink” on July 12th. Dr. Ava is the famed founder of Loveology University and www.Sexpert.com.

Music Industry-Led Streaming Case Leads to DCMA Enforcement Changes

When it comes to adult content, piracy takes money directly from the hands of creators. Piracy is a crime just like most types of theft, but until recently, enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was limited in the US. That could be coming to an end.

Do Consumers Need or Want “Sexual Wellness?”

Sexual Wellness is a term we didn’t really hear much a decade ago. Now? Everybody wants to get on the wellness train.

Shakun Sethi: Sexual Wellness Under One Roof

Tickle.Life is a discovery and aggregator platform for all things sexual. In this episode, we speak to the platform’s founder, Shakun Sethi, about her journey from PR businesswoman in India to SexTech industry pioneer.

Sex Tech Connect Introduces Shakun Sethi of Tickle.Life as Co-Founder

Sex Tech Connect is thrilled to introduce Shakun Sethi as “co-founder” of the community with Maxine Lynn.  This exciting announcement comes as the group welcomes its fourth special guest, Ricci Joy Levy, CEO of Woodhull Freedom Foundation on June 28th at 1pm ET for its signature online event series, “Virtual Brunch, Happy Hour, or a Late Night Drink.”

Kheper Games, Inc. Launches Two New Party Games; What If…? And More Extreme Personal Questions

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the release of two new party games for intimate game nights or Zoom or other video chat play.  Both games offer 400 questions and are called What If…? And More Extreme Personal Questions.

Momentum Launches The SX Tech Virtual Summit

Momentum Event Group, a leading provider of business conferences, webinars, and virtual events, today announced the launch of The SX Tech Virtual Summit taking place July 28 and 29, 2020 from the comfort of your own home or office.