Sex Tech Magazine (STM) is dedicated to covering the daily news and current events related to the Sex Tech and FemTech industries. 

Sex Tech has been defined as a “technology-driven venture designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt human sexuality and/or the human sexual experience.” As an adjunct to Sex Tech, FemTech applies to “a category of software, diagnostics, product and services that use technology to focus on women’s health.” FemTech incorporates women’s sexual wellness, in addition to non-Sex Tech sectors such as fertility solutions and fertility/pregnancy tracking. 

Sex Tech is a nascent industry, yet in 2018 was valued at $30Bn, with $800MM coming from Amazon sales alone. Both of these numbers are expected to grow over the coming years as the industry enters mainstream acceptance. 

Sex Tech Magazine serves the industry stakeholders, including but not limited to founders, CEOs, C-Suite Officers, Engineers, Designers, Innovators, Academics, Investors, and Industry Proponents of all kinds. We aim to document the product innovations, fundraising partnerships, people moves and regulatory actions that affect this growing industry.