SexTech Informs and Empowers Women

When we think of healthcare or wellness innovations, we probably think of new medications, testing equipment, or maybe apps that allow us better access to our healthcare providers.

PornHub Branding Strikes Again—with Hand Sanitizer

Given the proliferation of porn fans across the world, one might wonder why a company like PornHub advertises at all. Surely everybody already knows about it? In the world of online adult content, however, PornHub has some stiff competition—pun intended!

Comically Long 3-Foot Strap-On for COVID-Safe Sex is a Real Thing

If you’re in one of those countries still quarantined thanks to an unflattened curve—the cabin fever may be getting extreme. While married or otherwise cohabitating couples haven’t had to do without, those casually dating or playing the field haven’t been able to safely hook up in months.

Fans of the Clitoris Rejoice: We-Vibe Nova2 On Sale August 4th

The launch of a great new sex toy warrants praise and notice. But the We-Vibe Nova 2 may also necessitate parties, festivals, even a parade.

Audio Porn Startup Offers Non-Seedy Option for Adult Content

Like many women in SexTech, Caroline Spiegel got there by exploring her need to…get there. The search for bigger, better orgasms has led many women into an industry where Sexual Health is King—err, Queen.

UK Government Invests in Sex Party Company

Surely a headline like ‘UK Government Invests in sex party company’ seems like fake news. But it’s true—making the global news landscape a little more surreal.