Got a Spare $15,000? An AI SexBot Can Be Yours

Who says men don’t like intelligent women? Customers are lining up for the new RealDoll. They say she looks like a ‘surgically enhanced porn star.’ She also comes replete with ultra-modern AI technology, so she might even be up for a game of chess.

Music Industry-Led Streaming Case Leads to DCMA Enforcement Changes

When it comes to adult content, piracy takes money directly from the hands of creators. Piracy is a crime just like most types of theft, but until recently, enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was limited in the US. That could be coming to an end.

New ‘Fingerprinting’ Tech Catches Porn Piracy

While some still think of internet piracy as a harmless act, it can cause a lot of damage to performers, content creators, sites hosts, and anyone who intended to make money from the work they create. Piracy is also very difficult to track—especially given how many people engage in it.

Lelo Study Signals Growing Orgasm Gap

Last week was National Orgasm Day. If you missed it, you’re not alone. You’re probably also a woman, because according to a new study by Lelo, men are still having more orgasms during sex than women.