Kheper Games, Inc. Launches Two New Party Games; What If…? And More Extreme Personal Questions

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the release of two new party games for intimate game nights or Zoom or other video chat play.  Both games offer 400 questions and are called What If…? And More Extreme Personal Questions.

SexTech and Disability—Why These Markets Matter

Everyone enjoys sex—or could, if they had access to the right products and solutions. Most SexTech is designed with able-bodied consumers in mind, which begs the question: What about the disabled market?

We spoke to leaders at three prominent adult product companies to examine the state of SexTech in terms of accessibility and meeting the needs of those with disabilities. Andrew Gurza, Chief Disability Officer at Handi; Dr. Soum Rakshit, Co-Founder and CEO of Mystery Vibe, and AJ Vitaro, President of Zen by Design.

Pornhub Offers Premium Lovers Membership for Couples

Some couples are great communicators, in that they find it super easy to sit down and casually chat about their sexual fantasies, curiosities, and even dissatisfaction with their partner’s technique. Other couples, not so much.

Total Hentai Anime Studio Joins Forces with Adult Time

Fans of Japanese animation are about to lose their collective minds, as industry leader Total Hentai joins the Adult Time streaming platform.