Will AI Humans be the Stuff of Our Dreams?

How many horror stories begin or end with the desire to bring someone back from the dead? Lots. And it never ends well.

Suzi Godson Reflects on Two Decades as a Sex Writer

As this writer can tell you, being a sex writer is a wild gig. We get to test sex toys “for work,” watch porn as research and use all manner of hilarious phrases to describe sex acts as a matter of course.

Love and Sex with Robots? Where Do We Sign Up?

Thanks to the buzzkilling impact of COVID-19, the fifth annual International Love and Sex with Robots Conference is being held online. That’s a bit of a bummer, since getting up close and personal is one of the most popular components of the event.

Does Kink Bring Better Orgasms? Sex Doc Says ‘Yes, Oh God, Yes!’

It’s accepted that many women have more difficulty achieving orgasm with a partner than while masturbating. Some studies suggest that only about 30% of women routinely orgasm during penetration alone—but for men, that number is upwards of 90%. 

Can’t Tell if She’s Faking It? There’s an App for That (Maybe)

We can all agree that a good sex partner is generous and cares whether or not their counterpart is having a satisfying time, but asking directly has always seemed awkward to some. One company in particular, Relida Limited, claims to have developed a reliable means of determining whether orgasm has been achieved.

Momentum Launches The SX Tech Virtual Summit

Momentum Event Group, a leading provider of business conferences, webinars, and virtual events, today announced the launch of The SX Tech Virtual Summit taking place July 28 and 29, 2020 from the comfort of your own home or office.