Augmented Reality Porn: Coming Soon to Wherever You Are.

If a technology exists, someone will find a way to use it for sex. Whether it’s a terrifying electric vibrator from the 1920’s, or a Betamax player (just kidding—Betamax didn’t allow porn, which is why VHS won the video cassette wars), somebody wants to use hot new tech items for sex or porn.

Healthy Pleasure Lab Seeks to Transform Sex Lives

Have you ever heard of the Clit Whisperer? Stop laughing. She’s also known as Doctor Mafe Peraza Godoy, and she’s committed to improving the sex lives of clients and customers. How?

Are Erobots the Next Step in Astronaut Sex? Probably.

Every kid dreams about being an astronaut at some point. The big silver suits, drinking Tang for breakfast, and of course, walking on other planets. What those kids might not have dreamed of, is what happens when astronauts get randy. In fact, NASA would tell you that no astronauts have ever had sex on a space mission. Really?

The Key to Sex Tech Entrepreneurship? Getting Loud!

Sex is largely considered a private matter, which is why some people simply don’t discuss it. Like any vital issue that impacts most people—silence is never a good thing. One prominent sex tech entrepreneur thinks the only solution is to stand up and speak out.

Petition Accuses PornHub of Failing to Protect Victims of Rape and Abuse

PornHub, the largest pornography distributor in the world, is currently under intense scrutiny over amateur videos on its site. Some of these depict rape, abuse, coercion, and sex with minors.

Immersion and FeelRobotics Sign Agreement to Advance Sex Tech Devices and Content With New Interactive Two-Way Haptic Experiences

SAN JOSE, Calif. & AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Immersion Corp. (NASDAQ: IMMR), the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, and Feel Robotics B.V., a high-tech robotics company, announced the signing of a commercial agreement for the use of Immersion’s haptic software and technology stack on FeelRobotics’ cloud-based platform solution for interactive adult experiences.